Google adds personalisation feature to Google Optimize

Last week Google announced a new feature in Google Optimize. Since the product was launched, marketers have only been able to set up various forms of testing. With the release last week, marketers can now use Google Optimize to drive onsite personalisation like we know it from similar tools like Adobe Target and Optimizly.

Personalisation are different from the typical A/B test, where you are trying to find the best performing version of a page. Personalisation are giving a specific target group a specific experience. An example could be, that you want to treat customers and prospects different on your site, when they land on your home page. Existing customers, should not be shown your promo, targeted at new customers, instead they should see some other content helping them to get more out of their current subscription. Or if you are a retailer, you may want to show different offers to different visitors, based on how their behaviour on your site has been in the past. In both cases, Google Optimize can help you drive a more personal experience to your customers and prospects, helping you to improve your conversion rate and customer lifetime value.

When setting up personal experiences in Google Optimize, you simply build a target group based on one or more rules. Examples include: GEO location, device type, cookies, data layer variables, URL, query strings, Google Ads or a audience from Google Analytics (requires Optimize 360). At the same time, you can enable that data from your personalised experience, to be sent to Google Analytics, allowing you to analyse and optimise after launching a personalised experience. You have properly already launched multiple A/B tests, and with this new feature added you can turn a winning variant into a personalised experience in a few clicks. Simply find the winning variant you want to launch as a personalized experience and click on the menu-button for it, and click ‘Create personalization’.
From here, you can choose to make additional changes or simply deploy it as is, for a specific target group.

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