A new way of doing commerce

Digital Business Intelligence

Traditional web analytics, A/B testing, personalisation, voice of consumer or conversion rate optimisation? For us, Digital Business Intelligence covers it all.

The best performing companies all uses data to make better decisions, data that originate from many different systems such as web analytics platforms, voice of consumer, CRM, POS and various 3rd parties.

We work the most forward looking technology partners and their technologies, such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and other Adobe Experience Cloud tools, Google Analytics, Google Optimize and the rest of the Google Marketing Platform, Tealium & Amplience.


Data & system architecture, implementation & data governance

Your tech stack and data, are the foundation for getting valuable insights about your customers and digital business. It is key to chose the platforms that suites your organisations ambitions and to get them implemented and integrated in the best possible way.
What we do:

  • System and platform evaluation & architecture

  • Technical implementation of digital analytics, digital marketing & digital optimisation tools

  • Tag management

  • Data audits & data governance

Actionable insights, personalisation and digital business optimisation

We transform your data into actionable insights and recommendations, that will impact your business. We identify the most beneficial A/B tests and personalisation activities for your business, helps you to design them and get them tested to evaluate the business impact.
What we do:

  • Analysis, deep-dives and actionable insights

  • Execution of A/B testing and personalisation, including copy and creative

  • Data activation across all customer touchpoints



Business reporting and dashboarding

Every organisation need performance reporting and dashboards, allowing management, marketers and other stakeholders to understand the overall performance on marketing, websites and apps.
Presenting the right data to the right people are key.
What we do:

  • Design and setup of business reporting

  • Design, setup and implementation of dashboard solutions